The reason whyyyy ;o;

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The reason whyyyy ;o;

Post  Cien on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:12 pm

Hello people! Welcome to the official forum site of UTAU-Dreams!

Why did I make a completely different website for forums? Because the current official UTAU-Dreams website is BEING SHUT DOWN.

Why might you ask? IT'S BECAUSE WEBS.COM IS A HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT THAT NEEDS TO BURN IN HELL not good hosting website that cooperates with me. Very Happy

The current website is being worked on right now, so please bear with me and stick to this website for a few days. The website hosting of the new website does not have a convenient forum option, (I don't think you want to have to sign into facebook/windows/etc just to post in the forums..) which is why I made this. Thank you to forumsmotion for being such a good website. :'D

Please don't expect the new UD website to be up for a while, it's 62+ UTAUs that I have to re-do completely and get their information back.

What happened was that I was doing site maintenance, and the whole list disappeared when I had clicked 'Publish' to save my changes. Don't worry about PMing me your info, I still have it in the deep pits of my email.

Thanks, and bear with me for the time being!



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Re: The reason whyyyy ;o;

Post  Lejo on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:25 am

Lol i laughed so much for that " is a piece of shit that has to burn in hell" xDD

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